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The Best Year-End Sale | Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales & Deals!

by Aechy Official 14 Nov 2023 0 commentaires

Aechy Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales and Deals 2023!

The busiest and most intense e-commerce moment of the year is coming, and Aechy' s event will be held from November 15th to November 27th. Black Friday and Cyber Monday also bring new spending records every year. Have you made a shopping plan?


We have carefully set up event discounts for you, (1/2/5/10set) with corresponding discounts. All AECHY products:


*Curve Pens

*Roller Curve Stamp Set

*Silicone Counter Mat

*Silicone Food Bag Set

*Cabinet Mat

*Pet Feeding Mat can enjoy discounted prices at the same time. On the basis of orders over 200USD, you can also enjoy the extra discounts. 



Details of the Black Friday x Cyber Monday events are as follows:

1. Date: Nov 15, 2023 - Nov 27, 2023
2. What We Offer: Free shipping, returns and exchanges within 30 days of order
3. Extra Discounts: For orders over 200USD, you can use this discount code on your current order to get an additional 10% (Code: BFCM2023)


AECHY products are very suitable for gift giving, and we have launched the biggest discount of the year to save you more unnecessary expenses. Let the shopping games begin!

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