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Aechy pet feeding mat - A must-have for families with pets

by Aechy Official 02 Aug 2022 1 comment

This often happens when dogs eat

When dinner time rolls around, everyone gets more excited, especially our puppy! When they are particularly hungry, they may eat so fast that they spill food and water everywhere. If you have an overly excited or messy dog ​​that spills dog food while eating, and you want to protect the floor or keep it clean, feeding mats are a must.

Aechy pet fooding mat
Aechy Feeding Pads provide a useful, easy way to control spillage and mess. This feeding pad is made of 100% BPA-free food grade silicone with a non-slip texture for dogs that push the bowl while eating, helping to prevent the bowl from slipping while eating.
Aechy pet fooding mat

Advantages of Aechy Feeding Pads

1. With a patented bib design, just gently lift one side of the mat and let spills slide into the bib to clean up leftover food and water.
2.36" X 24" oversized, for fast-feeding pets, the larger pad keeps food and water from spilling.
3. Anti-biting design, the edge of the feeding pad adopts a thickened double-layer design to avoid damage caused by pet bites and scratches, and is more durable.

Aechy pet fooding mat

Using Aechy feeding pad not only protects your floor, but also has a separate feeding area for your pet to prevent your pet from soiling your room.

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1 comment

27 Oct 2022 iHerb Code

It agree, it is an amusing piece

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