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Aechy Colored Curve Pen - Best fun marker pen

by Aechy Official 27 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Birth of the Aechy Curve Pen

We found in the process of making a diary that sometimes you need some dividers to separate your production content and make it more organized and beautiful. But ordinary straight lines are too monotonous, and special line segments require some specific rulers to draw lines.

A young man from Aechy asked, why can't we make these special lines more accessible? Is there a tool that makes it easy to create delicate lines?

AECHY Colored Drawing Curve Pens  5 curves and 8 colors

Aechy Curve Pen Ideas

By replacing the tip of a regular pen with a small scroll wheel, keep scrolling in a straight line to draw different line segments, and use an interchangeable tip to draw marker lines in multiple colors.

Design Goals of the Aechy Curve Pen

  • Best pen for writing
  • Best quick drying ink
  • Best pen for journaling
  • Best pen for students and notetaking
  • Best fine-point (0.4mm)
  • Best fun marker pen
AECHY Colored Drawing Curve Pens  5 curves and 8 colors

Aechy Curve Pen Set

A cool pen that draws 6 complex marker lines. All 8 pens are designed with dual nibs, which means you can easily switch from writing with a fine 0.4mm nib to drawing lines with a roller nib.

All of these useful features make the Aechy Curve Pen a great addition to journaling, scrapbooking, drawing, note-taking and any other occasion where fine lines and handwriting are required.

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