Our Story

Who We Are

AECHY has been dedicated ourselves to creating unique and practical merchandise from the very beginning. We focus on digging into interesting ideas and turn them into real products. If there's any product that hasn't been invented yet, then it's our job to make it happen.

What We Do

AECHY has been committed to inventing and producing products that improve and add joy to customers' lives: under sink mats with drainage, pet feeding mats that collect food scraps, pens with rollers that draw perfect curves, and any other products which can surprise our customers.

Why Choose Us

AECHY is more than just a team of skilled designers and reliable product manufacturers: we are determined to create a great business, we are always trying new ideas and possibilities, and we always look forward to the big "WOW" coming from our customers when they unpack the product. We are young and passionate, ready to provide you with the best products and services.

What They Say

Love that this mat is flexible and fits perfectly under the sink! The nozzle feature to drain out water is genius! I would definitely purchase this again! - Emillz

These are very nice gel pens. They have Vibrant colors & smooth, even ink flow. I like that they are double ended - its rare to get a set with this many fun colors and super fun roll-stamper tip on one end. Great for journaling or note taking. - Anita

These AECHY dual tip colored pens are a delight. So much fun. Definitely perfect for journaling. The fine point is great but also love the curve marking side. The line types are super. I am already journaling with these pens and adding those curving, heart shaped, dotted etc. lines are fun. Great gift for young or old. Definitely for people that love to journal. Great product. - Ryan