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The Most Practical Kitchen Innovation of 2022: Under sink mats with Drain Hole

by Aechy Official 17 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The use of cabinet floor mats

Today, with the normalization of the global new crown epidemic, you and I seem to be closer to the kitchen.

At present, there are three types of cabinet mats on the market:

  1. The first one is the water-absorbent type, it can absorb water directly when the pipe leaks. It can only solve mild leakage problems, and is not environmentally friendly while disposable;
  2. The second type is a cuttable, fence-free rubber type that cannot absorb and accommodate water;
  3. The third type is the addition of fences, which can collect water well but how to drain the leakage water is a very headache.
AECHY Silicone Under Sink Mat, Waterproof & Drain, Fits 30" & 36" Cabinets


Aechy sink pads solve these problems

  • 1.Made of high-quality silicone, it can be recycled, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 2.The unique drainage hole can be pressed at will, when it needs to be drained, it is pressed down, and it is returned to its original position when it is not needed.
  • 3.Raise the fence to 0.67 inches and can hold up to 2 gallons of water.
AECHY Silicone Under Sink Mat, Waterproof & Drain, Fits 30" & 36" Cabinets

👍👍The Aechy Waterproof Sink Mat will eliminate most of the mess and annoyance caused by leaking water pipes! Allow plenty of time to fix the plumbing or call in a repairman without worrying about corroding your cabinets and floors.

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