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by Aechy Official 08 Apr 2024 0 commentaires
AECHY Silicone Under Sink Mat, Waterproof & Drain, Fits 30" & 36" Cabinets
The sink has an undoubted role in the kitchen. The kitchen sink is a frequently used kitchen utensil. In daily life, washing, washing dishes, washing vegetables, washing fruits, soaking vegetables, etc. are all done here. So how do everyone effectively protect the ground above and below the sink? The quality of cabinets depends on the details, such as cabinet waterproofing, boards, etc. We believe everyone is familiar with sink mats.
AECHY Silicone Under Sink Mat, Waterproof & Drain, Fits 30" & 36" Cabinets  
Aechy food-grade silicone cabinet mat is the first to be designed with drainage holes. Designed to fit most 30" and 36" kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Keep your cupboards tidy.
AECHY Silicone Under Sink Mat, Waterproof & Drain, Fits 30" & 36" Cabinets

Product selling point details:

1. Easy to clean;
2. Anti-slip, heat-resistant (-40℉ to 480℉);

3. Drainage Hole Design: The unique patented drainage hole design allows you to drain the water from the sink cabinet pad into the container without taking out the sink cabinet pad;

4. 0.67 Inch Fence: The drip tray under the sink can hold up to 2 gallons of water. Hexagonal texture makes sink mat stronger for kitchen sink bottom;

5. High-quality Material: Waterproof silicone material, hexagonal pattern and reinforced rib design make the mat structure stronger. Avoid the risk of your cabinets corroding due to leaks. Easy to fold, not easy to deform, just wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water, can be reused for many years;

6. Multi-purpose: Not only suitable for kitchen cabinets, but also for bathroom cabinets, pets, crafts and any other occasions.
In addition, we will launch a draining rack and draining mat combination, let’s wait and see! ❤

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