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AECHY Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY 2023!

by Aechy Official 11 Feb 2023 0 Comments

AECHY Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY 2023!


✨AECHY Valentine's GIVEAWAY✨

Valentine's Day is approaching, join Aechy's first GIVEAWAY event and win a gift for your lover or child! The details of the event are as follows:

******How To Enter:******

Step 1: Follow us;
Step 2: Like this post;
Step 3: Tag at least 2 friends in the comment, leave your thoughts of Valentine's Day.

🗓︎From Feb 12th-14th (PST)

We will select 4 fans and send rewards, details as follows:
1) Package A: Curve Pen 03 (1 set)
2) Package B: Curve Pen 01 (1 set) & Curve Pen 02 (1 set)
3) Package C: Curve Pen 01 (1 set) & Curve Pen 02 (1 set) & Curve Pen 03 (1 set)
4) Package D: Choose one order to enjoy FREE Order.

📌Winners will be announced on Feb 15th.
📌AECHY reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.
Claim yours now!!
📌Details on >

Thanks for your love of AECHY products. If you have any thoughts and suggestions about our products, please leave a message below. Or send us an email.

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#Valentinesday #Valentinesday2023 #ValentinesGiveaway

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