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How to find a most interesting stationery product?

by Aechy Official 27 Feb 2023 0 commentaires
AECHY Dual-Tip Felt Tip Pen 6 Curves and 8 Colors

Aechy® pioneered the curve pen industry and it is everywhere. We are committed to research and development of unique and practical stationery products, and each product is released to the market after countless trials.

What scenarios are Aechy Curve Pens suitable for?

1) Home> You need it when you or your kids want to draw/make notes;

2) School> Our Curve Pens will be one of the best tool in children's pen case;

3) Office> Aechy calligraphy pen will be your best choice for office work, there are 8 different pen tip specifications available;

4) Gift Giving/Back to School Season> Back to school supplies supplier, Aechy has a variety of curve pens to choose from. For wholesale needs, please contact us by email. 


Aechy Curve Pen Collection 

How do consumers evaluate Aechy? The following are some of the consumer experience feedback we collected:

①Curve Pen01:
cmanuola | 5 Stars | Title: Fun and useful for journaling | [Verified Purchase]
These are easy to use. The ink comes out well. I liked them so much, I have them to a friend that did me a favor. Brought a smile to her face when she tried them! Buying another set for myself now.

②Curve Pen02:
Kindle Customer | 5 Stars | Title: Fun, easy, no mess | [Verified Purchase]
I'm happy with these. Easy for all ages. Not messy. Fun for art projects. Good quality.

③Curve Pen03:
C. Sutton | 5 Stars | Title: Bought for basket auction | [Verified Purchase]
Great addition for an auction basket for my child’s creative writing program.

④Curve Pen04:

Christopher | 5 stars | Title: Nice pin set. | [Verified Purchase]
Great for artistic people. These write well and have lasted a long time so far!

⑤Curve Pen05:
Jeanette Wood | 5 Stars | Title: Delightful! | [Verified Purchase]

These are great for an added touch to your journal or personal notes. Just a fun way to show you put some added effort in. They write/roll smoothly. Gorgeous bright colors! Super cool idea to add the rollers!

We are still developing new stationery products, please stay tuned.

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Aechy Curve Pens Collection
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