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Let's Celebrate! 💚

by Aechy Official 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Aechy National Pet Day

National Pet Day is on Apr, 11th per year, which is a great time to keep a pet. The well-known animal protection saying "Adopt instead of buying" also comes from this way. 

What are the ways to celebrate the festival?

① Go for a walk;
② Buy some interesting/favorite toys for them;
③ Buy some snacks for them;
④ Take them to camp, and let them enjoy the fun of camping on the wide grass.

What do hairy kids bring to our daily lives? And why are they said to be human best friends?

Hairy children will accompany you no matter how happy or sad they are. They have far surpassed the status of pets in many people's lives and are often regarded as a family-like existence. Pets can bring joy and happiness to human beings. No matter what breed of fur children they are, they should be treated well.

Aechy National Pet Day


Certainly, they also need to accompany. While enjoying the happiness and warmth of them, we should take some time to accompany them. You can carry them to play outside or buy some snacks to award them.

We hope that every hairy child can spend a happy life and deserves to be treated kindly.💗

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